Here is a list of names I am researching, maybe we are related:


McGraw: Texas, South Carolina, Georgia

Jenkins: Texas, Georgia

Johns: South Carolina

Rhudy: Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Germany

Comer: Georgia, Virginia

Cock: Virginia, New York

Spracer (Spraker) (Spretcher): Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Germany

Reichart: Virginia, Pennsylvania

Goad: Virginia

Dove: Virginia, Pennsylvania

Beck: Pennsylvania, Germany


Sain: Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee

Cook: Arkansas, Alabama,

Lawrence: Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia

Merrill (Merrell): Arkansas, North Carolina, New Jersey, England

Stone: Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia

Christopher: Arkansas, Alabama, Virginia,

Young: Arkansas, District of Columbia, Mexico,

Harrison: Arkansas, Maryland,

Bates: Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia

Hill: Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia

Patrick: Virginia, Maryland, Scotland

Davis: Tennessee, Pennsylvania

Nichols, North Carolina, Virginia

Williamson: North Carolina

Smith: Tennessee, North Carolina

Smith: North Carolina, New Jersey, England

Eliot: Tennessee, North Carolina

Pitt: New Jersey, England

Stout: New Jersey, New York, England

Van Princess: New Jersey, Holland

Mershon: New Jersey, France

There are more and will add them over time.









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