Genealogy Go-Over

I have decided to participate in the GeneaBloggers Do-Over 2016. But instead of doing a complete do over, I plan to go over all my research and concentrate on improving my research skills.


My assignment this month so far is to organize my files, both digital and hard copies, and to make a list of my research habits.

Luckily I have organize my hard copies earlier this year when I went through every piece of paper I owned. I still need to work on my digital files, I started but lapsed.

Oh, my research habits are so in need of improvement.

  • For one, I just start researching without a plan, and following every SBO(Shiny Bright Object) wherever it takes me.

  • In the rush of gathering info, I often neglect citing my sources

  • I often do double research, as I do not keep a research log.

I am sure there is more to add to this list and as the month progresses i will add them.