Winter Memoriesnter Memories

This year Geneabloggers weekly prompts are entitled “52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History,” and the theme this week is “Winter Memories.” I hope I do better on this theme topic than on the one for last year. I think I only got through week 2 or maybe even 4, but obviously not very far.


Growing up in a family that moved around a lot, it is hard to recollect what winter was like where I grew up. I do remember one winter in Hutchinson, Kansas. I was in the third and fourth grade when we lived there. We lived in a subdivision and our home backed up to a corn field. My school was only a few blocks from home and I walked there every school day. In fact our church met at this school because the church was new and did not have a building yet. One winter it snowed a lot, but schools were not closed. I remember walking to and from school. The snow drifts were high. I do not remember being cold or what kind of clothes I had to keep me warm.

Around Christmas one year we went to visit my mother’s sister, Mary Katherine Sain Wooten, and her family. I think they were living in Oklahoma, but I could be mistaken. Her husband, Charles Wooten, was in the Army and this was one time where we did not live too, too far from each other and could play with our cousins, Kathy (she went by Jessie then) and Chuck. 

The other weather related memory about Hutchinson was that there was hardly a day that went by that the wind did not blow. I remember my mother complaining about the dust.

Though my mother did not like living in Hutchinson, as it was a big change from Naples Italy, where we had moved from, I loved living there. It was a small, family oriented town. I made friends, had a lot of freedom and there was a lot to do as a kid.

I do not have any pictures of this time frame. I used to have one of myself with short hair. But it has been missing for a number of years. I liked my hair in this picture. It was one of the few times my mother had not given  me a permanent, which made my hair go hay wire.

As usual I rambled on and got off topic, but that is how it goes when you start remembering.

Until next time, MK.


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