Happy New Year 2011


I have wondered how our ancestors celebrated the new year. Did they pray, did they party, did they stay up till midnight to usher in the new year? I do not remember my parents making it a big deal about the event, nor do I remember any stories about how my grandparents celebrated? So it is all a mystery to me what they did on New Year’s Eve. Anyway have a Safe and Happy New Year!!

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let each new year find you a better man.” –
Benjamin Franklin


Wordless Wednesday (Almost)


This is an unknown Sain. I found it in the Sain Family Bible that my Uncle Dave gave to me. My guess is that it is my great grandmother Nancy Ellen Merrill (1864-1949). She was married to David Bennett Sain (1855 – 1922).  The only other picture I have of her is this:

imageThey look similar to me the chin, nose and eyes, even the hair. Or am I seeing what I want to see?

Getting in the Christmas Mood

I have been in a little bit of Christmas production, making ornaments and gifts. Yesterday I went shopping for five hours and felt like I had put a dent in the list. 

My daughtMaryer Mary, came over today. First we went to lunch and then we put on some Christmas music and baked a few batches of cookies. One of them was my very favorite, Cherry, Cashew, and White Chocolate Cookies. Here is the recipe. 

I began baking during the Christmas season when I was in junior high school. And it has been a family tradition ever since. When my girls were little we made cut out sugar cookies with icing. The cookie dough recipe came from the instructor of what I call “Park School.” It was an adult education program at Reseda Recreation Center in the San Fernando Valley, where mothers gathered and learned about early childhood education and our children played outside and we took turns watching them. The instructor was a wonderful woman, who guided us with much wisdom. I wish I could remember her name.

Anyway, Mary and I had a great time and were amazed how quickly it went with two sets of hands.