Beall Family

One of the benefits of having a Bay County Public Library card is that I can access Heritage Quest at home. I finally got around to doing that on Saturday and found a very pertinent book about the Beall surname. The book is called Colonial families of the United States descended from the immigrants who arrived before 1700, mostly from England and Scotland, and who are now represented by citizens of the following names, Bell, Beal, Bale, Beale, Beall
and was written by Fiedler Montgomety Magruder Beall in 1929.

Because this surname is well researched, I have not spent a lot of time on them. My most recent Beall was Eliza Beall, who was born on 2 Nov 1802. She was the eldest daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Beall of Warren County Georgia. I am curious about her short life. All I know was she married on 30 April 1816, making her 13 years old when she married. Her husband was James Neal who was twice her age and was the son of Samuel Neal, who served as a private in the S.C. troops during the Revolution. Samuel Neal is whom I used as my patriot for the DAR. 

Eliza and James eldest daughter, Mary Eliza married Robert Christopher, who I have written of earlier.

Eliza died on 2 Dec 1822, less than two months after giving birth to her fourth daughter, Melissa. I wonder if Eliza died from complications of childbirth or was there an epidemic at the time.


I know a little more about her husband James Neal.  He served in the War of 1812 and was with General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. Like many of Jackson’s soldiers, he liked the land that he saw in the Mississippi Territory and returned to settle there a few years later.

Eliza and James moved to Alabama and settled in what is now Butler/Lowndes County. They had four daughters  Mary Eliza (1817), Amanda Elizabeth (1819), Emily (1820) and Melissa (1822). In 1824 James married a second wife, Elizabeth Rawlings Davenport, in Georgia, and returned to Alabama to raise his family.

More about the Bealls next time, MK