Today is Treasure Chest Thursday and I remembered I had taken a picture of a letter in the possession of my uncle Dave that was written by my grandfather, David Bennett Sain, to his parents after david sainthe end of WWI from Neuwied, Germany. Of course he was a much younger man than in the picture above. In fact he was 25 years old and had been serving as an observer in the 82nd Observation Squadron.

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I transcribed the letter as follows:


Dear Dad and Mother;

Got “beaucoup” mail today and feel much better than I have been for the last few days. Am sure glad that everyone at home is up now and all have good health from now on. Was very sorry to hear that Dad has been sick and am glad that his able to be up again.

Do not know just when i will leave for home but it looks like I will be stuck in this place for a couple of months. I do not mind this place as the work is very pleasant and not hard. This town of Neuwied is a good size place on the Rhine and seems to be rather healthy. I go down to ?Cobha? ever few days and see much of this country.

I went up to Cologne yesterday and spent the night, had a wonderful time. I think it is one of the best towns I have seen. They have the best shops I have seen since coming here. I like it so much better than Paris, so you know it must be some town.

Saw the wonderful church there with the highest spires in the world and it is certainly beautiful, also many old buildings, the great bridge across the Rhine. We made the trip on a truck and saw castles all along the river and some were just wonderful. We saw the most famous ruins in Germany and a Roman ? built in ?? A.D. Have cards of each of these things and will bring items home.

We ?? ?? big opening the big hall tonight and am sending one of the programs to you. Can see by the paper we are doing wonderful work here.

Must close and will write later, so you can write soon.

Love to all, Ben

Lt. Ben Sain

3rd CRC

Am. E. F.

Unfortunately I could not read every word, but I am happy I made a copy and have something written in the first person by my grandfather.