Today is Wisdom Wednesday and I was trying to think of some words of wisdom that had been passed down to me. And I thought of my dad. One thing he used to always tell me was “Use your brain and not your brawn.”  I have always had a tendency to act before I think. Even though he has been dead for 25 years, I can still hear his voice telling me these simple words. It helps me stop and think about the situation and find a smarter way to work.



On my recent genealogy trip I tried to find where any of the McGraws were buried in Union County, South Carolina without success.


They could be buried here at the Padgett Creek Baptist Church, where there is a marker for all those that are buried there with unmarked graves. This church was a popluar meeting place and my ancestors may have gone to this church even though it was farther away from home. 

There was also a cemetery that I could not find that was closer to Fish Dam, where they live. It is called Coldwell.

The McGraws are still a mystery, with my great grandfather, Christopher Malachi McGraw showing up as getting married in 1875 in Union County and living in Fish Dam in the 1880 census. He told my father when my father was a boy that he had been a witness to Sherman burning Atlanta GA. The census records show that he was born in GA and that his parents were born in South Carolina. I think that the family or what was left of the family went back to South Carolina sometime after the Civil War. But I have not been able to find them in Georgia or in South Carolina.

Still trying to unravel the mystery, MK