Union SC

I really had no luck with the McGraw family in Union, South Carolina. I did find evidence that they had ever been there. I went through every book in the library in Union County Carnegie Library. I did find a recipe for preserving old newspaper clippings:

Mix 2 tbs of Milk of Magnesia and a qt of club soda. Sandwich your clippings between two pieces of pellon and soak in solution for 30 minutes. Remove clippings and remove excess water with blotting paper. Place clippings on dry blotting paper and dry overnight. Store in a dry flat “Archival Plastic” bag.

As I have a bunch of old clippings I do plan to try this and will let you know how it comes out.

I stomped around a few cemeteries withpadgett no luck also. In one a cousin’s ancestors had been transcribed at one time but the tombstones of that era were  unreadable and there were too many to take rubbings of in the short time I had. There were many unmarked and if my ancestors were there they were probably among this group.

While visiting the communities of Santuc and Carlisle I imagined my grandfather, John E. McGraw, living there in the 188o’s. They lived near the Broad River and I wondered if he went fishing there as a young boy. Did his father, Christopher Malachi McGraw, work as a carpenter in one of the large plantations in the area?

In the end I think I need to broaden my search for this family. Was their name changed from McCaw, McGaw, or McGrath?




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