S. C. Research

I have spent the last two days doing research on the McGraw/ John lines in South Caroline. YeLouise & MKsterday my mother-in-law, her friend Maxine and I spent the day at the Department of Archives and History in Columbia, S.C.  I found nothing about the McGraws in Union, S.C. I did find a line of Johns in Union, S.C. that I will need to see if I can link to my Johns. I also found a lot of Crawfords in Abbeville, S.C. that also needs reviewing. I barely put a dent in the resources available here and hope to return in the future.

Today’s effort were spent at the Union County Carnegie Libray in Union, S.C. with similar results. I found a will for Edward McGraw, who had two sons named William and Gideon, but I had ruled this line out earlier in my research. but I will recheck that line. Later in the day I drove out to Carlisle and tried to find the Cold Well Cemetery with no luck. I found where it was suppose to be, but no cemetery.


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