Rome Georgia

On Monday Susan and I drove up to Rome, Georgia to visit my grandmother’s, Sarah Edna Jenkins McGraw, birthplace.  First stop was the Rome/Floyd County Library, where the Heritage Room’s research librarian greeted us and brought us a lot of information based on what families I told her I was researching. I was able to gleam a few new facts about my ancestors. One was the marriage date of Sarah’s parents, Charles J Jenkins and Mollie Crawford. It was 14 May 1882. Later in the day.I was able to go to the courthouse and get a copy of the marriage license/ certificate. The other information I found was that the John B. Jenkins family were member of the Floyd Springs Methodist Church. This info was found in a little book entitled “1859 Class Book for Floyd Springs Methodist Church Cave Springs Circuit Georgia Conference.” Since Sarah (Mammy) was such a devout Methodist I figured her family was also Methodist and I knew they had lived out at Floyd Springs from the 1880 census.   The Jenkins family first shows up in 20 September, 1873. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           The men were my great, great grandfather(J.B.), and his sons Joseph (J.J.) and Charles J. (C.J.)who was my great grandfather  and the women were John B’s wife, Caroline Matilda(OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         C.M.) and his daughter Mollie. There may be other daughters, as i have not taken the time yet to study the other names and relationships. There are Rhudy and McKenzie family names written in the book.

By the time I found this information I wP5100105as starving so we left and went to lunch at the Harvest Moon Cafe. I had the Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with French Fries and Susan had the Turkey Salad Sandwich withe Sweet Potato Chips. The food was great.

Unfortunately it was a rainy day and not a good day to traipse arouncemeteryd cemeteries. But we drove to the Myrtle Hill Cemetery, where Caroline Matilda Rhudy Jenkins was buried along with many of her descendants. Her grave is unmarked in an old part of the cemetery. In addition Amy Comer Rhudy is buried there. We also drove around and looked at other landmarks. At the library we found the location of Floyd Springs Methodist Church and we were going to finish up our trip by driving out there. I took a wrong turn and by the time I realized it we decided we did not want to go back through Rome during rush hour. So definitely need to plan another trip to this area. Maybe on my way home I will have time to at least get up to Floyd Springs.



  1. Amy Rhudy said,

    September 21, 2010 at 1:07 am

    Are you the MK that I sent a death certificate of Stephen Thomas Rhudy? My name is Amy Rhudy from Alabama.

  2. Janice Moore Cronan said,

    October 15, 2010 at 12:46 am

    Just wanted to say how helpful the Rome/Floyd Co. Library has been to me, also. I really enjoyed how you shared your trip with us. Thanks

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