I have been working on the McGraw/ Jenkins lines lately. Still no progress on the McGraws. But on the Jenkins side I have had some fabulous luck. Cousin Dale posted a message on my site about the father of John Ballad Jenkins, my great great grandfather.  He was born abt  1827 in Georgia and died after 1900, presumably in Rome,caroline matilda rhudy Floyd, Georgia. On 9 July 1856 he married Caroline Matilda Rhudy.  This picture may have been taken around that time, as her hair style looks very much like that period of time. Dale shared this with me, plus a copy of their marriage license. Caroline was born about1839 in Virginia and died after 1880 presumably in Rome, Floyd, Georgia.  She had nine children.

In the1880 census both John Ballad and his son, Charles J. Jenkins, my great grandfather, listed their occupation as carpenters. Thus I am to assume that they had a large inveimagestment in tools. This was the day before power tools and everything was done by hand. This illustration is of tool box from the early 19th century and may be similar to the tools that they owned to ply their trade. The 1880 census also shows that John and Charles had been unemployed for 8 months and the younger son, Joseph, who listed his occupation as a laborer had been unemployed for six months. Of course I assume that they did work on the farm. The economy in Georgia in the 1880s was volatile. So I am not sure if this was normal to be unemployed for that time frame or was an indication of the economy.

Cousin Dale has shared more and I have more to tell, so stayed tuned.



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