David Bennett Sain


This is a picture of my great grandfather, David Bennett Sain. He was born on 25 November 1855 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and died on 04 August 1822 in Nashville, Arkansas. This photo is in the possession of my uncle and I took a picture of it while I was visiting him earlier this month. I have no family stories to tell which is a shame. He died before my grandfather married, thus there was no one to pass on his stories, as my grandfather died when I was four. But I do have a copy of his obituary:

Hon DB Sain obit

 From this document I found out he was a Baptist by faith, was a prominent Arkansas attorney who had practiced law for 30 years and was a teacher prior to attending law school. An interesting fact for me was that the family moved to Nashville in 1879.

Somewhere else I found out that one of his hobbies was maintaining a peach orchard on his property.

While on the subject of the Sain’s I did come across a document that I had obtained from Charles H. Sain a number of years ago. Now his research is available on line. Here is the link: http://www.grundycountyhistory.org/04_Coll/Sain%20Clan%20of%20Middle%20TN.pdf


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