David Bennett Sain


This is a picture of my great grandfather, David Bennett Sain. He was born on 25 November 1855 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and died on 04 August 1822 in Nashville, Arkansas. This photo is in the possession of my uncle and I took a picture of it while I was visiting him earlier this month. I have no family stories to tell which is a shame. He died before my grandfather married, thus there was no one to pass on his stories, as my grandfather died when I was four. But I do have a copy of his obituary:

Hon DB Sain obit

 From this document I found out he was a Baptist by faith, was a prominent Arkansas attorney who had practiced law for 30 years and was a teacher prior to attending law school. An interesting fact for me was that the family moved to Nashville in 1879.

Somewhere else I found out that one of his hobbies was maintaining a peach orchard on his property.

While on the subject of the Sain’s I did come across a document that I had obtained from Charles H. Sain a number of years ago. Now his research is available on line. Here is the link: http://www.grundycountyhistory.org/04_Coll/Sain%20Clan%20of%20Middle%20TN.pdf


Genealogy By Internet

I have been working on my presentation for tomorrow’s Tech Seminar, entitled “Genealogy By Internet,” put on by the Bay County Genealogical Society.  There are four segments, “Googling for Genealogist,” “Exploiting Ancestry.com Databases,” “Building a Family Tree Online,” and “Genealogy Blogs.” I am presenting the last segment on blogs.

This seminar sold out almost immediately. It really shows us there is a tremendous amount of interest in the use of the internet by genealogists. I will let you know what I learned.


Visit to Uncle David

David amd MAry K cropped

On my recent trip to Texas, I was able to spend a few days with my Uncle David. This picture shows us in the late 1940’s; I would guess 1948 or 1949, as I look about 3 or 4 years old and he is 10 years older than me. My brother was born in 1947 and my sister was born in 1948, and I was “farmed out” to my grandmother Jessie to help my mother cope.

We, meaning David, Jessie and I, made a cross country trip to San Francisco to meet up with my grandfather, Ben, who had been in Japan during the reconstruction period and was going to be stationed there again and was going to take David and Jessie with him when he returned. I do not remember this trip but I have been told I would be in the back seat and one time I leaned over the front and threw up over everyone.

My father’s ship, the USS Chipola  was also docked in San Francisco. I think this must have been when we began living in Long Beach, CA.  There is a story I have heard all my life about my uncle and my Dad and David retold it to me again during my visit.  My father was going to take David to see the ship. Jessie and Ben gave my father a suit wrapped in a package. So David and my father set out with package in hand. My father was not sure exactly where the shipped was docked. So they stopped in a few bars to see if he could find any of his shipmates. Then they went into a “honky-tonk” , where David said his eyes got real big, as he had never seen strippers before. (The part of the story was never told while my mother was alive.) Anyway they eventually found someone who was able to direct them to the ship, but they had lost the suit along the way. It was about 4 AM and my uncle and father were piped aboard and they immediately went to sleep. When they woke up the ship was out to sea. They were a little concerned but found out that the ship was repositioning itself and breathed a sigh of relief. An anecdote to the story is the suit was found on a trolley and was tracked back to my grandparents by the dry cleaning ticket. Throughout the years they have both sworn that this is a true story. So I have always wondered what has been left out or what part of the story they have embellished on.

The sad part of the story is that my grandfather, David Bennett Sain II died in San Francisco on April 7, 1949, of a heart attack. He was only 54 years old. I have a fleeting remembrance of him. I remember visiting the seals in the San Francisco area with him.  From what I have been told he was a great guy and really enjoyed life and was sorely missed. I also remember that things changed. I went back to living with my parents and siblings. My mother must have been mourning as she was close to her father and my uncle David went off to military boarding school and I only saw him occasionally through the years.

Enough for today, mk


En Route to Adorn Me 2010

I am writing this from a motel in Lafayette LA and will arrive in Houston today to attend Adorn Me 2010. I probably will not have time to post to this blog. But is you are interested in my doings, I am going to try to post to MK’s Creative Musings

Anyway the road is calling to me, mk