Surname Saturday

Update: Today I read a new theory that Patsey was Martha Davis’ sister and that Patsey married George Sain. They were active in the Blue Springs Baptist Church of Christ and died a year apart from each other in 1830 & 1831. Then Martha and Daniel, who was George’s uncle raised the boys. This theory makes more sense to me knowing what I know about the family. Anyway I have some new paths to take on this family now.


Today is Surname Saturday and I want to talk about the surname “Sain.” It was my mother’s maiden name. The Sains in my family can be traced back four generations to Elisha Reynolds Sain ( 13 Jan 1818, Coffee County, TN – 25 Sep 1895 Nashville, Howard, AR). All except my mother are buried in Nashville AR. Elisha’s parentage is a little hazy. Supposedly his mother is Patsey Davis and she had four sons all from different fathers, naming each son after their father. Louise McBride Kraut reports that Elisha Reynolds was a wealthy man in town who had an invalid wife. He apparently was known to visit Patsey,  Martha Davis’s daughter from a previous marriage. Elisha and his brothers were raised by Martha and her husband, Daniel Sain, a descendant of Caspar Sain (Zurn) the immigrant. 

So to go any further on this family line I really need DNA testing done by one of the male descendants.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          My uncle put up a new marker for Elisha and Sarah, as the old tombstone has become unreadable. But he put an A for Sarah’s middle initial instead of an E.


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