Treasure Chest Thursday

Today is Treasure Chest Thursday and at first I drew a blank. I could not think of a single thing I had that was passed down to me that was an heirloom or something that had been in the family a long time.  I did inherit some of my mother’s jewelry, but a lot of it was stolen when I lived in Atlanta.  Then I remembered the pictures that I have. I probably treasure these more than anything else I have and they are the first thing loaded in the car when we evacuate for a hurricane.

This picture was given to me by my Aunt Bertha Mae Taylor McGraw when I visited her a few years ago. Bertha was married to my uncle, Robert Edward McGraw (1918 – 1973).  On the left in the foreground is my cousin Bobby Sue McGraw Copeland (1947 – 1968) and on the right is myself. Look at that hair; my mother never knew what to do with it. But I love the spirit I see in my eyes. I am having a good time that is obvious.

My aunt could not remember who the little girl in the back was. This picture depicts the celebration of Bobby Sue’s fourth birthday.  Her birthday was August 24. My sister’s is Aug 27 and she would have been three that year.  I don’t remember this party. I do remember that I always stayed with Bob and Bertha when we visited Texarkana, TX and they had a giant antenna in their front yard so my uncle could get the St. Louis Cardinals on TV.  (I think this one of  the reasons that the Cardinals were my favorite baseball team when I was growing up). Bobby Sue and I would make mud pies on the side of the house under the kitchen window. This was the year my father was stationed in Naples, Italy. We must have made a trip to Texarkana before he left. We followed him to Italy in September.

My cousin Bobby Sue died tragically in a car accident when she was only 21. She had been married only a couple of months and they both attended Stephen F. Austin State College in Nacogdoches, TX, where my aunt and uncle had met.  This is definitely a treasured photo.


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