Transcript Errors

Sarah Jenkins McGraw (10 July 1888 – 2 December 1982)

One of the first areas of research for a genealogist is the death certificate. Of course you need to know that date in order to order that document.I have had a hard time researching my dad’s side of the family. But I did make some progress on his mother, Sarah Jenkins Mcgraw, Jenkins line recently. I found her parent’s dates of death information from the Rose Hill Cemetery in Texarkana, TX. The volunteer hours put in by those who documented this and other cemeteries is much appreciaated by this researcher. Charels J. Jenkins was interned  14 April 1941. I sent off for his death certificate on line

Because I had left something off of my request I received a phone call from a polite gentleman from the Texas Department of State Health Services. One of the questions he asked me was Charles Jenkins’ social security number.  I knew that he probably did not have one as he was a carpenter/ contractor and worked for himself. This was way before the days of mandatory social security numbers. Anyway a few weeks later I got the certificate and from it found he died in 12 April 1941, his birth date was 8 May 1857 and his father’s name was John Jenkins, and he died from cancer of the lower lip. He probably chewed tobacco. I did not get his mother’s maiden name.

But the father’s name led me to so much more information. In the process I found transcription errors on two censuses for Charles Jenkins. I cannot even count the number of times I have tried to find him prior to the 1900 census, even though I knew the family lived in the Rome Georgia area before they moved to Texarkana.  It was like he did not exist. But once I found out John’s name I was able to find the family in the 1880, 1870, 1860, and 1850 censuses, always in the Floyd County Georgia area.  I found the transcription error in the 1880 census. The surname was transcribed as Jennins  and another researcher found the error in the 1860 census. This time the surname was listed as Seveheus. When you pull up the actual record you can see that the handwritng is very bad, but you are able to read Jenkins and all the names fit my Jenkins family.

Listed living with John Jenkins in the1880 census is Amy Rhudy (1814 – 07 Jan 1886) , mother-in-law.(Her maiden name is Comer)  Another great find. So John’s wife, Caroline (b1840)  now has a maiden name. From here I was able to find a lot of information on the Rhudy family history and am still wotking on that line. There may even be another patriot in the bunch.

Regarding John Ballad Jenkins’ (1827 – after 1880)  ancestry I am kind of stuck. One genealogist has given his parentage as Abner G. Jenkins and Mary Cleghom because it seems to fit, but I have not seen any proof yet. I would love to hook into that family’s history because a lot of research has been done but until I get the proof it is only speculation.

I had not ordered Charles J Jenkins’ wife Mollie Mary Crawford’s (30 Aug 1853 – 5 Mar 1923) death certificate. That document  is next on the list of expenditures. I did find her family in the 1860 census in Georgia. On my dad’s side, there is one great grandparent who’s death information I have not found and that is Mary Johns McGraw (b1853 in SC – d betw 1920 -1930). She is probably buried in Eylau Cemetery in Texarkana TX, because that is where her husband, Christopher Malachi McGraw, is buried, but I have not found a record of it yet.


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