Bay County Public Library

The new library

As promised I visited my local library yesterday as part of the “52 Weeks to Better Genealogy.” and looked through the stacks. For a small town our library is fantastic. There is foresight there. Rebecca Saunders heads the Local History Department and the Genealogy Department. The library staff is knowledgeable and helpful. As a bonus plus they host a Genealogy After Hours on the third Thursday each January, April, August and October. The library is closed and only open to those doing genealogical research from 5 – 8 PM. Also a a library card holder you can also access Heritage Quest online at home.

In the stacks I found a large selection of books about Virginia, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, more than I could sift through in a day. Next time I will be more organized. While I did take my computer with all my data on it, I found it cumbersome to keep referring to it to see what families to look up in the various books. I need to have geographical areas, time spans and surnames outlined before I start.

Next time I will have to take pictures of the stacks.


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